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$500 Selfie Contest

Selfie Contest
Recent studies “predicts the average millennial will spend about an hour a week [and] take up to 25,700 selfies in their lifetime.” Why not turn those selfies into Cash. Karma is kicking off its monthly Selfie Contest with a bang. Win $500 Cash by submitting your selfie to
Our definition of a ‘Selfie” is a picture of a person(s) in the photo where 1 person in the picture is taking the selfie/groupie.

***This is voting based and winner is not picked by us***
How it works:

Have fun and take selfie/groupies with your friends at karma. Plenty of interesting areas around Karma to take pictures. Try out our New Chalk board selfie walls at the photobooth and draw out some fun times.
-Go to and submit a selfie you think will win the monthly contest.
-After receiving the approval of your selfie share it to your friends and ask them to vote for you. The more you share it and get people to vote the better chance you can win. We have no control over who is going to win.
At 11:59am the website will post the winner based on the selfie that receive the most votes

-Must conform to “Our” definition of a “Selfie”
-Must be clearly taken at Karma Spirits & Café
-No Nudity, Obscene gestures, Profanity
-Limit to 2 Selfie Submissions per week so pick your selfie wisely.
-Week ends on Sun at 12am
-Karma employees are not eligible for contest.
-if more than one person is in winning Selfie/Groupie, the submitter is responsible to pay other individuals in picture and is not the responsibility of Karma

Snap a pic, Submit, Share on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Email, Text…etc. The more you do the great chance of winning.

-Karma Spirits & Café has the rights to decline any selfie if it doesn’t conform to our rules.

#KarmaSelfie #gfgtgk #gotkarma

Harry Potter Trivia Tonight

Live Trivia Night with a different theme each week every Wednesday from 9pm-12pm. Bring yourself or a group of friends and have some fun play some live trivia. Click Going to event to receive info on each weeks theme.

Food Special
Half Price Appetizers

This is also Craft Beer Wednesdays ($3 Craft Beers) night.
$3 Craft Beers for the ladies
$4 Craft Beers for the guys
$5 Flights

Craft Beer Experience

Hob-nobbing with the beer snobs @ The craft beer experience. Lots of beer to try to put on tap at the bar and for retail at the store. Maybe we should have worn a shirt that says ” If found, return to Karma”.
#craftbeer #craftbeerexperience #97xcraftbeerexperience #97x #greatbaydistributers #gotcraftbeer #gotkarma #gfgtgk #robstarz #lesleestarz

Country Thursdays

starting at 9pm till closing Karma turns country with Dj Austin playing the music that gets everyone line dancing. Don’t be scurd Its not just country. Free line dance lessons all night with Destin MacKenzie.
$10 Dom Buckets all night
$4 Jack Daniels and Fireball

#KarmaCountry #gfgtgk #karmababy #gotkarma #JackDaniels #Fireball #CountryMusic #Linedancing

Happy Nation Rum Day

Happy National Rum Day

All Rum drinks are 25% off at the bar and 10% off at the liquor store.
#nationalrumday #ronzacapa #mermaidrum #captainmorgan #rumhaven #bacardi #gotkarma #gfgtgk

Back to school thanks

For almost 7 years running the norm for the weekend before school starting is for it to be slower than normal. We were pleasantly surprised how busy we were. We know that people have a lot to do with getting everything ready for the big day and we do appreciate that our customers had some free time to have some karma fun. We want to wish them good luck with the hectic week ahead of them. We also want to give a Big Thanks in Advance to all the teachers that will be taking on the task of teaching our kids this upcoming year. We hope you have a smooth beginning to the school year. Thank you all
Good Karma to All
#gfgtgk #goodkarmatoall #goodkarma

Now on tap

Tropic Pressure 

style: Fruit/ Vegetable beer

Brewed by : Big Storm Brewing

A highly drinkable Florida Ale steeped with hibiscus flowers for the perfect amount of natural sweetness.  The color of the Tropic Pressure has been kissed by the sun.  The nose smells of village lost is paradise: blossoming flowers, honeysuckle, and freshly baked island bread cooling on the windowsill. Close your eyes, and you can almost feel the breeze and hear the ocean.

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