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Daily Dose of Good Karma

We are halfway through the week and the weekend if almost here.  Tonight is $3 Craft Beer Night for the Ladies, $4 Craft beers for the guys and $5 Flights. There is a pool tournament with a break and run pot that is up to $2600+ if you can break and run the table in one shot.  Hope to see you all later.

STAY TUNED FOR PIANO NIGHT on Sundays..Coming real soon.



Crown Peach Reserve Now!!!

Update:  Crown Peach is not available till Oct 1st as per our distributor.  Get on the reserve list so you get a bottle as soon as it comes out.

This has to be one of the most epic marketing ploys by Diageo or just plain dumb luck, but shorting the market of Crown Peach has created a frenzy.  Almost every day people ask me if I can get them a bottle of Crown Peach like I have a secret stash or know someone on the inside that can get me their super-secret reserve.  Literally, Crown just didn’t make enough product and didn’t have all the sizes available for Crown Peach.  With that being said, there have been postings of Crown Peach coming out August 5th leaked.  Sorry to say but I just talked to my super-secret insider and was just told that Crown Peach will not be available till Sept 1st.  They are waiting for all sizes of Crown Peach to be available. (50ml, 200, 375, 750 and 1.75)

In anticipation of Crown peach being available on 10/1 and knowing it will be in high demand, we are taking reservations on Crown Peaches. Just fill the form below and when it comes in, your bottle of Crown Peach will waiting for you.  Our prices of Crown have been lower than many of the Big Name stores out there.  When the product is released you will receive a text and email letting you know when the bottle is in.

UPDATE:  Crown has posted on social media ( Facebook Post ) that Peach is available NOW but I guess it is only in selected areas cause our distributor still says not till Oct.  Ugh!!!

#CrownPeach #CrownRoyal #CrownRoyalPeach #Whiskey #Whisky #gfgtgk #gotkarma

Barback Wanted

Karma is in need of a barback/cook for various nights.  While many think this is an easy job it is not.  We just don’t want someone that refills beers, stocks items, gets ice, change kegs…we want someone that represents Karma and becomes part of the team and atmosphere in Karma.  Barbacks at karma make as much as some bartenders at other bars and restaurants.  Who wouldn’t want to walk out with $150 a night?

Various Nights


The job position falls in line with the same requirements we have for our bartenders with the exception that you don’t have to pour drinks.

the objective is to show our guests such a marvelous! time; they will want to return again and again. Eligible individuals are entertainers first and barbacks second.
Applicant Requirements:
•  Must be 21 years of age or older
•  Must be able to move kegs, cases of beer
•  Must be ready to HUSTLE and perform a ballet around the bartenders while they work.
• Be able to communicate
• Must adhere to the established appearance guidelines.
• Must be a team worker
• Follow rules and set standards
• Must be able to read this entire post and follow the important notes below!!!!!
Do NOT reply to this post, IM or call the bar. Individuals must fill out ONLINE application first
Go to the below link and fill out the online application We will contact you to set up an appointment.


Job Application

Daily Dose of Good Karma

Let’s do this week.

Mon – $1 Tacos and $4 Margaritas

Tue– $1 Tacos and $6 Dbl Tall Whiskey

Wed– $3 All Craft Beers and Pool tournament

Thur– Country Night   (NO SMOKING)

Fri– $5 Any Ciroc’s   (NO SMOKING)

Sat – Ladies Night   (NO SMOKING)

DJ Risk Returns for Ladies Night TONIGHT

After several months of recovery, we are pleased to be welcoming back DJ Risk to Saturday nights.  It has been a long road to recovery for him but he is back!!!  Come join us to celebrate his return.

It is $1 Ladies drinks from 9pm-12am

LADIES NIGHT Every Saturday Night
!!!No Smoking!!!
Clean, Safe environment to relax and have fun with your friends. Never feel out of place with a great mix of people around.
Always a good time at Karma with the karma krew with Dj Risk playing a broad range of music from old school to today’s top 40 Hits.
No Smoking Thursday-Saturday for over a year!!!!

Kitchen open till 2am

Weekend Dress Code:

  • No White T’s
  • No Tank Tops
  • No baseball hats unless they are veterans or have a large American hat on front
  • No athletic wear
  • Just get dressed up for the night 🙂

Good Karma to All

Daily Dose of Good Karma

Happy Friday. Don’t be Mediocre…Be Exceptional.  Do something different. We hope everyone has a great day before the weekend begins.  LET’s Do This!!!!


Good Friends, Good Times and Good Karma

Don’t forget that DJ Risk returns to Karma this Saturday after several months recovering.  Come Welcome him Back.

Pot Doubler at $5,300+ TONIGHT

Tonight for our pool tournament we will be running 10 ball race to 2. the Pot Doubler where you can do a break and run and win  $5,300….In order to be eligible, you must participate in our weekly pool tournament at least 2 weeks prior. Rob is taking over the Wednesday weekly pool tournament and as always if you take him out of the tournament you get a $50 bar tab. Tonight’s pool tournament will be Straight 8 format.
$5 to enter.
Double Elimination


1/2 Price appetizers during the tournament

$3 Craft Beers for the Ladies

$4 Craft Beers for the guys

$5 Flights for all

I may regret this upcoming tournament but as we stated before, every 4th Wednesday of the month we will be DOUBLING THE POT for the Break & Run…..yes we are doubling it!!!

This is a thank you from us for playing in our tournament every week. If you have played in our tournament for at least 2 previous weeks you are eligible to win the Pot Doubler.

Currently the pot is over $2,660 and the doubler will be put it at $5300+

Happy National Tequila Day

Time to celebrate tequila. Click to watch a funny video made by Senior Frogs on Tequila…FUNNY
$6.00 patrón
$5.00 Don Julio
$5.50 Baby Guinness
$4.00 José
$4.00 Margarita

Let’s celebrate! Melissa here for you until 7pm (it’s her last Wednesday at Karma) and then the venerable Stephen Perry takes over with his weekly pool tournament. Kitchen is open all day and night and as always free pool. #GFGTGK

DJ Burlander Back for Ladies Night

Back by popular demand, Dj Burlander will be mixing TONIGHT for Ladies Night.

$1 Drinks for the Ladies (wells & Drafts) when you are dressed to impress
Ladies Drinks 9-12 (MUST be dressed to impress)GUYS YOU DRINKs $1 from 9-10pm. (Must be dressed. Collared shirt and pants) This is for the free drink time…and seriously guys…why not dress up and impress the ladies.
NOW SMOKE FREE from 7pm til closing on Thursday- Saturday NightsWe have a smoking area outside with tables that you can get service and drinks at. Here’s to a Smoke Free Weekends.



NEXT SATURDAY.  Come join the Welcome back party.

̲D̲R̲E̲S̲S̲ ̲C̲O̲D̲E̲ ̲A̲L̲E̲R̲T̲ ̲F̲O̲R̲ ̲S̲A̲T̲U̲R̲D̲A̲Y̲S̲ (AFTER 9pm)
No Baseball Hats (except hats with flags on them), No White T’s, No Guinea T’s. Dress to Impress. There will BE NO TOLERATION….EVEN IF YOU KNOW ME. I kicked a good friend out for wearing a hat. Respect the place, us and the Rules. Very Simple.


NO COVER…Clean…Comfortable atmosphere.
Couches to relax on.

See ya on Saturday
Good Karma to ALL

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