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Be Safe This Holiday Season

This is the time of the year we get together with family and friends and are a little bit more merrier. I urge you to please drink responsibly!!! With that said..No matter where you are, who you are with or what you are doing…AAA and Budweiser have the Tow2Go service from Dec 24 -Jan 2 to make sure you get home safe

If you had too much to drink Call (855) 2-TOW-2-GO (AAA)

While there are great taxi services around town, like our good friends at Allison’s Car Service, there are those people that choice to drive while under the influence because they don’t want to leave their car any place but with them. We don’t want you to get a ride home in a @HernandoSheriff car or Ambulance.

 Click phone to CALL NOW

Have a great time this holiday and Please Drink Responsibly. Friends don’t let friends drive drunk.

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Good Karma to All !!!


TL Jentgens LIVE

We are bringing an amazing show to Hernando County and you are going to love it.

TL Jentgens will be LIVE at Karma on January 24th.
First, let me start off with saying we saw TL perform at the Jameson Ball and he lit the room up with so much energy I was tired from singing and dancing for 1 hour. So I made a call to find booking info. My jaw hit the ground on how much he is…not cause he is not worth it, but more that we would never recoup the cost of him…I DON’T CARE cause he is worth it. We booked him for my wife’s Birthday Party at Karma and you all get to enjoy this amazing show. He is bringing the entire setup you see there in the video. This is going to be one amazing show.

DON’T Forget this is a NO SMOKING EVENT!!!

Reserve Free Ticket NOW

Unfortunately, we are expecting a large turn out for this and because of this, we are setting up a FREE ticket system you must register on and get your free reserved tickets. Again there is no Charge but we are reserving entry so we don’t go overcapacity.

TL Jentens

  • Free Ticket Reservation

#tljentgens #JamesonBartendersBall

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