$450Million Powerball Group Forming

We haven’t done this for a long time but the Powerball is now up to $450 Million.  We are reforming another group to try to win this.  The more tickets the great chance we can win.

You have until 9pm on  January 9th to buy tickets!!!
Stop into the Bar or Store and purchase a $10 Group ticket and you will be entered into the group ticket purchase. Last time we were able to purchase over 1500 tickets. the more tickets the better chance of us all winning. I can’t take money over the fb, paypal or “I will pay you next week”.

You MUST stop into Karma Cafe or Store and enroll in our group.  When you buy in you will receive a printout with your name on it. You must keep that as proof of purchase.  All names and phone numbers are stored in our database and when we win ” 🙂 ” we will contact you to see where we send the millions.

If the jackpot is not hit we will purchase more tickets with the winnings we get from the previous week.  No more buy-ins to this group or additional money added to the group after Saturday.

You can purchase Group tickets up till 9 pm on Jan 9th

We will post pictures of all purchased tickets on our main page of gokarmacafe.com under News

Keeping our fingers crossed and hope we win.
Good Karma to all!!!!


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