Crown Peach Reserve Now!!!

Update:  Crown Peach is not available till Oct 1st as per our distributor.  Get on the reserve list so you get a bottle as soon as it comes out.

This has to be one of the most epic marketing ploys by Diageo or just plain dumb luck, but shorting the market of Crown Peach has created a frenzy.  Almost every day people ask me if I can get them a bottle of Crown Peach like I have a secret stash or know someone on the inside that can get me their super-secret reserve.  Literally, Crown just didn’t make enough product and didn’t have all the sizes available for Crown Peach.  With that being said, there have been postings of Crown Peach coming out August 5th leaked.  Sorry to say but I just talked to my super-secret insider and was just told that Crown Peach will not be available till Sept 1st.  They are waiting for all sizes of Crown Peach to be available. (50ml, 200, 375, 750 and 1.75)

In anticipation of Crown peach being available on 10/1 and knowing it will be in high demand, we are taking reservations on Crown Peaches. Just fill the form below and when it comes in, your bottle of Crown Peach will waiting for you.  Our prices of Crown have been lower than many of the Big Name stores out there.  When the product is released you will receive a text and email letting you know when the bottle is in.

UPDATE:  Crown has posted on social media ( Facebook Post ) that Peach is available NOW but I guess it is only in selected areas cause our distributor still says not till Oct.  Ugh!!!

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