Daily Dose of Good Karma

This karma cleanse is not a religious thing.  This is a You thing.  Start your day out right and do the karma cleanse.  Focus on you, your family and remove hate from your thoughts.   Speaking from a person who has gone through tough times.  I went thought a dark period where my every thought was hatred and how I could inflict pain on others that have done me wrong.  Consumed from within I lost focus of myself and my family.  One day it clicked in my head that hate was eating me from the inside and wasn’t letting me focus on what was important to me.  Yes, we all have emotions and anger is one of them but learn to channel the anger.  Let the anger and pain motivate you to become something better, not create more anger.  I choose to be happy for myself to make me feel better.  Feel bad for the people who have wronged you because they live with that in their conscience as a scar never to go away.  The concept of forgiving them is not to forget it and go on with life as it never happened.  Be grateful for the life lesson and let it show that what they have done shall not affect you and has only made you a better person.  Have a great day my friends


Very simple to do each day

– Be Grateful
– Act with love
– Check your motives
– Watch your attitude
– Forgive

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