Good News and Bad News

Yes, Crown Peach was shipped this week but I think someone at our distributor has a screw loose because they ordered a limited amount for Florida. We were lucky to be allocated 3 cases for the liquor store. The good thing is that was received cases that were reserved for the bar as well.  You can get Crown Peach drinks and shots while supplies last. Most bars couldn’t buy them cause there wasn’t enough stock to give to on-premise sales. Stores were a priority and we were lucky to get some. SO if you can get Crown Peach at a local bar that doesn’t have a liquor store attached it was probably purchased illegally from a store :O. Kinda makes you feel like the good old prohibition days taking a sip of that illegal moonshine 🙂

Anyway. We emailed the first 36 people that reserved a bottle of Crown Peach on our website. Unless you are on that list you can’t purchase from us. Last I heard ABC and Winn Dixie are already sold out. CRAZY stuff this Crown Peach is.
We will let you know when more comes in but I feel that Crown Peach is going to miss its chance with shorting the market. Don’t forget that Jim Beam Peach is available at the store and at half the price.

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