Karma Anniversary Toga Party

Toga, Toga, Toga, Toga.

It is hard to believe that Karma is turning 7 years old in May.  We are celebrating our anniversary with a fun theme this year….Toga, Toga, Toga, Toga.   Don’t be a stiff and come dressed to Karma with your normal clothes.  Have some fun and live a little.  We did this for our 3rd anniversary and it was a huge hit.  Let’s relive the fun again….It’s a sheet, Simple.  You can go big with nice satin sheets or go simple with a white sheet…Just don’t come in regular clothes.

In celebration of this we are doing and OPEN BAR from 9pm-10pm to show our appreciation for our patrons. THE ONLY HITCH…YOU HAVE TO COME DRESSED IN A TOGA. Come have some fun on our official Anniversary night, drink, eat and be merry…and dressed in sheets. LOL

DJ Burlander spinning from 9pm-closing.

Thank you all for an amazing 7 years. it just keeps getting better and it is due to support by our awesome Karma Kustomers and Krew.


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