Sponsors Needed

We are looking for help from our business friends and Springstead Alumni with businesses to help support a great cause, Springstead Marching Eagle Brigade.  This program has limited funding since the arts have been cut heavily.

Funds will help cover:

  • Costs of Coreography
  • Field props
  • Costuming
  • Field equipment
  • Transportation (not covered by school)
  • Truck rentals
  • Operational expenses for this season

These are some seriously dedicated kids who love doing what they do and are being led by Mr. Dasher, who is extremely passionate about this program.  I have seen what these kids do with their limited funds, consistently ranking up at the highest level and I can’t wait to see what they can do with our help.
We are having the trailer below wrapped and are looking for sponsorship to help the program.

Trailer Side View

Trailer Rear View

With this sponsorship you will get your company’s advertisement seen as follows:

  • designated location on wrapped trailer based on the level you purchase
  • listed on programs and promotional items given out at concerts and other venues
  • company name printed on the back of band shirts

Your business sponsorship will get exposure everywhere the Springstead Marching and Winter Guard travels.  Plus, you will be putting 100% of your sponsorship to a great cause.
With your sponsorship, you get your advertisement for the trailer designed for FREE . Just provide us with your company logo and the info you would like on it.


Sponsorship levels for 1 year

  • Platinum Level:  $1,000 – 34Hx17H advertisement area on side of the trailer
  • Gold Level: $600 – 17Hx17W advertisement area on side of the trailer
  • Silver Level: $250 – 8Hx22W advertisement area on back of the trailer







Fill the form out below to get your sponsorship reserved.  GO EAGLES!

Eagles Sponsorship