New Selfie Contest for ALL ($850 Cash)

We had so much fun with our last selfie contest at Karma that we wanted to do it again and even bigger. Just in time for the holiday season we want to help people make some extra money for the upcoming holidays just by taking a Selfie/Groupie and submitting. “Really…that is it” Yes it is. But in order to win you must get people to vote for you. Winner will automatically be posted to Karma page December 1st at 12am.

How it works:

Take a Selfie/Groupie with friends or family
Submit the picture at Selfie Contest and give it a catchy title (no emojis please)
Wait for the approval email
Then share, Share, SHARE (on Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Email, Text, smoke signals)
Last contest someone shared via email to over 200 people to get their votes.

For the Month of October and November.
View and Vote for all submitted selfies Below and help your friends win $$$ CASH!
1st Prize: $500

2nd Prize: $200

3rd Prize: $100

4th Prize: $50
MUST BE 18 or older to submit

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