Pool Tournament ($1900 Break-N-Run)

Its that time boys and girls for our Wednesday night pool tournament.  Last week Chris S got 4 balls in and took some of the pot so this week the Break and Run pot is at $1,900.

Karma has a weekly pool tournament on Wednesday nights. The tournament type will alternate between 10 Ball and 8 Ball Tournament. We are starting it off with a 10 ball tournament and rotate from there.

Double elimination $5 buy in
Additional pot $$$ given by bar

BREAK AND RUN POT is up to $1,900.  You gotta be in the tournament to be able to do the break and run challenge

Sign ups start at 7:30
Start time 8:30

Not going to be here on time. Call bar (352-678-5252) and give your name to be added to the tournament. ONLY IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE HERE

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