Pool Tournament Tonight ($1k BNR Pot)

Here we are just 1 week before the Pot Doubler where you can do a break and run and win the current pot of $1,000….but before you can be eligible you must participate in our weekly pool tournament at least 2 weeks prior.  Rob has taken over the Wednesday weekly pool tournament and as always if you take him out of the tournament you get a $50 bar tab.  Tonight’s pool tournament will be 10 ball format. Since the Break-N-Run was hit for $3,800 the current pot is just $600 but we are offering a guaranteed $1,000 BNR pot as the pot builds back up.

$5 to enter.

Double Elimination


1/2 Price appetizers during the tournament
$3 Craft Beers for the Ladies
$4 Craft Beers for the guys
$5 Flights for all
Every 4th Wednesday of the month we will be DOUBLING THE POT for the Break & Run…..yes we are doubling it!!!
This is a thank you from us for playing in our tournament. If you have played in our tournament for at least 2 previous weeks you are eligible to win the Pot Doubler.
Whatever the current pot is Karma will be doubling the pot if you raffle ticket is drawn and you break and run the 10 ball rack.  (10% of the pot is retained if someone wins the pot have tournament money for next week)
You must play in the tournament in order to do the Break & Run.
*You must participate in 2 previous weeks during the month in order to win the raffle drawing to play the Break & Run Pot Doubler. No Group Ticket Purchases
Additionally, Rob will be playing in the tournament and have a $50 Gift Card bounty on my head for taking him out of the tournament.

Come join the fun.


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