Pot Doubler at $5,300+ TONIGHT

Tonight for our pool tournament we will be running 10 ball race to 2. the Pot Doubler where you can do a break and run and win  $5,300….In order to be eligible, you must participate in our weekly pool tournament at least 2 weeks prior. Rob is taking over the Wednesday weekly pool tournament and as always if you take him out of the tournament you get a $50 bar tab. Tonight’s pool tournament will be Straight 8 format.
$5 to enter.
Double Elimination


1/2 Price appetizers during the tournament

$3 Craft Beers for the Ladies

$4 Craft Beers for the guys

$5 Flights for all

I may regret this upcoming tournament but as we stated before, every 4th Wednesday of the month we will be DOUBLING THE POT for the Break & Run…..yes we are doubling it!!!

This is a thank you from us for playing in our tournament every week. If you have played in our tournament for at least 2 previous weeks you are eligible to win the Pot Doubler.

Currently the pot is over $2,660 and the doubler will be put it at $5300+

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