Power Ball Group Chance Part 2

$1,600000000.00 …Yes $1.6 Billion

We are doing another Karma Group buy for this coming Tuesdays Drawing. You have until 9pm TONIGHT to get in on the Karma Lottery Group and try our luck at winning $1.6 Billion. We will be purchasing all tickets after that and posting them on the Liquor store page so you can check all the numbers yourself. Fun Fun Fun. Last Friday we had over 1,000 tickets to look though.
Stop in to the Store or Bar and purchase a $10 Karma Lottery Group ticket and you will be entered into the group ticket purchase. the more tickets the better chance of us all winning. I can’t take money over fb / Paypal, calls or “I will pay you next week”. You MUST stop in to Karma (Bar or Store) and purchase to be entered. When you buy we will enter your name and phone number and you will receive a printout with your name on it as a receipt. You must keep that as proof of purchase but we have your info in our database. Keeping our fingers crossed and hope we win.
Good Karma to all!!!!
****if from this drawing we win free tickets or small monetary values like $1-$10 we will put the group in for the next drawing. So if no one wins we still have a chance. We bought another 100 tickets he last time to try for the $$$
****If we win….Well PARTAY!!!!!! Stay calm cause we will have to get an attorney to form a trust to collect the money and split up. God that would be awesome!!!!
Lets go Karma Lottery Group.
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