PSA Alert regarding HepA

With the increase of Hepatitis A cases on the rise in Hernando County we are taking precautionary steps at Karma to keep our customers safe. We have changed our sanitizing solution from alcohol based sanitizer to chlorine base. Chlorine based cleanser will kill HepA in 10 seconds after rinsing where alcohol based does not. We feel it is important to change this method as well as inform you, our customers as well as the community so you feel safe knowing that all items touched by others are sanitized and safe for your use.
Many places would be scared to post this but we feel it is necessary as we have a lot of people come through our doors each night especially on the weekends. Please question food or drink places you frequent if they are using alcohol based sanitizers and ask them to switch to chlorine based if not.

Please spread the word!!!
Good Karma to All



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