Riddle Me This

For anyone that is old enough to remember the first Smokey and the Bandit movie, what were they smuggling in the movie? The first person to post the answer in the below comments will get the VERY FIRST BOTTLE of  Crown Peach for FREE when the liquor store gets it.

Why ask this question?  Crown Peach has posted on their social media pages that Crown Peach is available now, but not in Florida.  I think we need to do a classic Smokey and the Bandit run to grab a truckload from a state that has it. 🙂

Until we either do that or until our distributor gets it in we are stuck in a wait and see mode.  Get immediate notification when Crown peach comes in and have your bottle reserved by going to this link to reserve.

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Crown Peach Reserve Now!!!

8 thoughts on “Riddle Me This

  1. Rob Starz says:

    There was a glitch in my comment section and for some reason WendyWein06 commented before JJ but didn’t show up in comments. I will give you both a Free Bottle

    • J.J. Geiniman says:

      Congrats Wendy! Since we both get it you can take the first one! I’ll settle for the second bottle! 🙂

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