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Photobooth ready for some fun

Tonight is our Ghouls & Glow party and tomorrow is our Official Halloween Party.

$200 sexiest costume, $50 Sacriest, $50 Most Original

Karmas photobooth is all ready for kustomers to create memories of the night. Black lights all set up so you get your glow on.  There will be NO LIGHTS on at Karma tonight.  Nothing but LOTS of high power LED black lights making everything glow.  Even our pool tables have glowing pool balls.  We will have a makeup artists at the front door to help you get your glow on. As always weekends are no smoking.


Happy Repeal Day

HAPPY REPEAL DAY (alcohol related trivia night)

Cheers to being able to On December 5, 1933, the 21st Amendment to the US Constitution was passed, ending Prohibition. Historical facts aside, this is a good reason to drink and celebrate. for 13 years  our country was a dry country.

To celebrate this day we are offering the following speials:

  • $4 Bullet Bourbon Old Fashions all day.
  • $3 Craft Beers for ladies
  • $4 Craft Beers for the guys
  • 1/2 price appetizers


starting @ 9pm to 11pm with Alicia

Thing you know your Alcohol?

Interesting Fact:

  • Prohibition was thought to lessen crime when in fact crime soared during its 13 years.
  • During this time Yuengling and Anheuser Busch both refitted their breweries to make ice cream, while Coors doubled down on the production of pottery and ceramics.  WOW

2 Weeks Left ($850 Contest)

2 Weeks Left!!!
Just in time for Christmas we are giving out a lot of money just for your pictures and votes.

1st Prize: $500
2nd Prize: $200
3rd Prize: $100
4th Prize: $50

We had so much fun with our last selfie contest at Karma that we wanted to do it again and even bigger. Just in time for the holiday season we want to help people make some extra money for the upcoming holidays just by taking a Selfie/Groupie and submitting. “Really…that is it” Yes it is. But in order to win you must get people to vote for you. Winner will automatically be posted to Karma page December 1st at 12am.

How it works:

Take a Selfie/Groupie with friends or family
Submit the picture at Selfie Contest and give it a catchy title (no emojis please)
Wait for the approval email
Then share, Share, SHARE (on Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Email, Text, smoke signals)
Last contest someone shared via email to over 200 people to get their votes.

For the Month of October and November.
View and Vote for all submitted selfies Below and help your friends win $$$ CASH!
1st Prize: $500
2nd Prize: $200
3rd Prize: $100
4th Prize: $50

MUST BE 18 or older to submit

Summer of Love

Forget all the tension going on in life and lets bring back the love. We are throwing a Summer of Love event for all to get back in the groove. We will be turning Karma into a love fest. This is not a hippie thing but the hippies knew how to show love so come dressed your hippie best. We will have someone at the door painting smiley faces and hearts on faces.
DJ Burlander will be spreading the love with his magical mixes of Top40, Old School and tons of remixes.
Friday, July 20 at 9 PM – 2 AM
We will have the karma photobooth set up with a summer of love theme.
Drink Special:
$4 Hippie Juice
  • A Love potion made from Smirnoff Watermelon Vodka, Coconut Rum, lemonade and other love potions.

Ole Smokey Tasting


The Ole Smoky Distillery girls will be at Karma to give out tasty drinks of their flavored moonshine. Quite surprisingly they moonshine drinks are really good. The Blackberry moonshine lemonade drink is dangerously good and goes down way too easy.

When: Friday June 14th 10pm-12am

While they are here they will give away some Ole smokey products and we will have Ole Smokey products on sale at the liquor store. We will have the photobooth set up with a template for you to take a picture with them.


We Remember. Thank you

Today we give thanks to all that we have lost fighting to protect our freedom. Thank You and God bless.  Come see @Amanda Sarafinko today for some food and drinks.  Open pool, happy hour specials and for all the men and woman who have served our beautiful country get 25% off drinks and food today.!  Thank you!!!

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