What was that!? Thank you

Jan-Feb have been historically a slower time for us but it keep going strong and then Normally March is a big month.   WTH was that last night.  Amazing night.  I want to thank the Karma Krew for a great job.  We are 1 bartender short while we find the right fit for us.  I had to step in a couple of times in the trenches with the krew but they didn’t need much help.  Great Job Stephen, Tommy, Shannon, Dan, Alyssa and Reese.    Dj Burlander from 933 kept everyone going with new and old school tunes.  The crowd was fantastic and the new people that I talked to were so happy that we were No Smoking and were surprised that we were no smoking Thur-Sat.  Big Congrats to the Bride and Groom who brought the bridal party to Karma after their wedding.  You definitely looked like you had fun. Many happy years to you booth.

Lots of new faces and the karma photobooth was going all night.

I want to thank everyone that came out last night and had fun.  We appreciate your support.

Thank you Karma

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