White Trash Party (Halloween Party)

Something fun to do Halloween night where you don’t have to dress up but more Dress Dooownnnn. While it’s not morally correct to judge a person by their appearance or label an entire group of people as trash, but more poking fun of the stereotypes about Country Folk. THE KIDS ARE OFF FROM SCHOOL ON FRIDAY SO GET THE BABY SITTER SET.
$1 Ladies drinks from 930pm-1030pm to get the party started (wells and drafts)
Grab your wife beaters tanks, cut off shorts/shirts, tube tops, super tight revealing clothes…and much more and show how trashy you are. We have all the music you love to line dance to from Country, Rock, Pop and even some Hip Hop.
$50 Trashiest girl
$25 well same thing just the guy 🙂
Our weekend kicks off on Thursday nights with Country Night. Its not all about the country music. Its all the music you love to line dance to from Country , Rock, Pop and even some Hip Hop.
Free line dance lessons with Ky and Destin working the floor teaching some new hot line dance routines. Ky is wireless mic’d up and will be teaching steps during the night. If you get on the floor and learn with him he will buy you a shot of your choice.
DJ Austin will have the floor moving alll night.
Drink Specials
$10 Dom Buckets
$4 Jack Daniels
$3.75 Smirnoff Any Shot
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